What are some good topics to write an essay about for a Animal Behavior class?

Hi, I have to write an essay...a really good essay on a topic about animal behavior. What type of topics can I write about? It has to be a specific animal and maybe a behavior that leaves you curious...for example: "Crickets and their mating call. How do they attract mates,"

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  1. seme says:

    Birds do some amazing things to attracts mates. There are elaborate dances, songs, weaver birds that build nests just to impress the females, etc.Communication in groups is interesting – wolf packs, whale pods, primate troops. A lot of animal behavior is about catching prey or fending off predators – I think animals that play dead, like opossums and hognose snakes are cool. Also, a lot of behaviors help them survive in harsh environments – you could talk about behavioral adaptations that help a certain animal species to survive in the desert or tundra. You could also just pick your favorite animal. All animals have interesting behaviors.

  2. freesia says:

    Body language.