Website that can correct my essay for grammar mistakes?

I am applying for a scholarship and it requires me for an essay. Is there a free website which I can submit my essay to, and then they would correct all my grammar mistakes?

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2 Responses to “Website that can correct my essay for grammar mistakes?”

  1. anomalism says:

    If you go to your local community college there are legit students who offer this service for a fee. Usually colleges have bulletin boards with certified advertisements for such services. Grammar is tricky, and it depends on the point you are trying to get across. You must talk to the one fixing your grammer because they will ask you what you are actually trying to say in the essay and utilize grammer based on that. I am terrible at it msyelf, and my spelling is horrible.

  2. effector says:

    If you’re typing it on microsoft word, there is spelling & grammar check on there. For any additional corrects it’s best to have a teacher proofread it.